Buying a Czech Railways Ticket

Go to the Czech Railways website, available in English, German and Czech:

Czech Railways Home Page

Fill in the Connections and Tickets with the details of your planned journey:

Czech Railways Search Box

The city can be typed in English or using its Czech spelling:

Czech Railways Search Box Drop Down

The Calendar is very user friendly:

Czech Railways Calendar

Next (based on age, or if you have an applicable Discount Card) fill in the Passenger Details – there may be discounts available based on age or if you have a Discount Card :

Czech Railways Passenger Details

Czech Railways Passenger Age Information

Passenger Discount Cards

The below result that will show as the “best” option – which includes travel on an InterCity Bus – but this is not AndyB’s best deal! To get the better deals, and to avoid travelling by bus, you need to add some additional information. This information is added by modifying the search:

Czech Railways Result Page with Modify Box

Once the Modify is clicked the Search Box is displayed – a “via” point to access the better fares and avoid bus travel:

Czech Railways Modify Search

In this instance we will be routing “via” Cheb in the west of Czechia, this is connected  by train with Nuremberg:

Czech Railways Search Box "via"

And this the new result, a significant price saving. Happy with this fare? Click on the Buy button:

Czech Railways "Via" Result

The International Special Offers are branded as “First Minute Europe” by Czech Railways. There is one restriction with these fares and that is that it is only valid on the specified international trains, in this case RE 5291 the 15:59 Nuremberg to Cheb train:

Czech Railways Price Confirmation

The next step offers you the option to make seat reservations. There is a charge for reserving seats on the trains outside of Czechia – you are not required to  make reservations – if want to reserve seats click the Add Button:

Czech Railways Adding Seat Reservations

Seat reservation options:

Czech Railways Seat Reservations

Note that within Czechia the seat reservation is free, so you may as well book one:

Czech Railways Seating Options

The seat is now booked and is summarised on this page, press “Continue”:

Czech Railways Additional Services Summary

Next add the Passenger Names – enter as shown in your Passport or on your ID Card, the names will be cross checked for security, and add to Shopping Cart:

Czech Railways Passenger Details


Shopping Cart Summary, if you are happy with the trains and price click how you wish to pay, add you email address and click Pay:

Czech Railways Payment Page

Secure Payment Page:

Czech Railways Payment Page

You will be given the option to print your ticket plus it will be emailed to you – you are all set to travel on a real bargain journey!

Safe travels from AndyB!

Cheb Station