What is #AllTheLinesEurope

Since the age of 15 I have had a passion (obsession) with travelling on different rail routes – initially my focus was on the UK and this covered all rail lines, including ones used only by freight trains.

At 18 I took my first InterRail (now been on 30 plus!) and my obsession spread further afield, for better or worse!!

With #AllTheLines Europe my aim is travel on all the railway lines in Europe that have scheduled passenger services. I do endeavour to travel on freight only railways when the opportunity arises, either when scheduled trains are diverted away from their normal route or on rail enthusiast specials. Europe for #AllTheLinesEurope is all countries, except Ukraine, Belarus and Russia – but I do enjoy travelling in those countries so once the rest of Europe is completed….. who knows!

There is a valuable resource I use for the more obscure lines www.egtre.com which is a detailed and regularly updated information source for #AllTheLinesEurope.

There are all sorts of atlases and maps available that allow me to indulge my passion – I highlight the routes that I have travelled on to give an at a glance overview.

One positive this life goal has given me is the ability to have ice breaker conversations with Europeans – as I ask where they are from and more often than not I have heard of their town and may have even visited it!

To quote the Man in Seat 61 “Andy have you got your highlighter ready!”