Swiss First Class Lounges To Close

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2 Responses

  1. Jamie Schwarz says:

    This is disappointing as the Zurich lounge is nice and I always arrive early when taking the train to Germany

  2. The reason the lounge is closing is not for the above reasons! Local Swiss with an annual first class pass
    are taking advantage of the lounge. There are certain individuals there that habituate the lounge on a daily
    basis. Over 7oo cups of coffee are dispensed daily to a certain group/percentage of individuals! That along
    with soft drinks and fruit juices cost the lounge a lot of swiss francs to maintain. I am speaking of the Zurich
    lounge. I do not know the goings on at Geneva. People from other countries take up a very small percentage
    of travellers attending the lounge. It has become a hang out spot for various people with nothing to do
    other than to get freebies, drink coffee and tie-up the computers. I have received this information right
    from the horse’s mouth. I travel by eurailpass and have asked how many passholders have entered the lounge
    for that particular day and the answer is mostly about 20 per day.

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